A HUGE THANK YOU to North Beach Bar & Grill (NBBG) for their generous donation of $10K in sponsorship of the Mindful Beach Combing exhibit! We are pleased to accept them as a sponsor of this highly informative exhibit already on display in our West Gallery. Visitors are already learning that empty shells are fine to collect and take home, while live sand dollars and sea stars and occupied shells, whether home to a snail or hermit crab, are not to be collected. Live animals are integral to the beach, dune and surf zone ecosystems and are critical to their health and viability. Besides, live animals are very difficult to keep alive and typically die within an hour or two due to lack of suitable oxygen and then that’s when they really smell.

Kathryn Williams, co-owner of NBG&B said, “My partner George Spriggs and I are very pleased to make this donation and in doing so we encourage and challenge other Tybee and Wilmington Island business owners to make a similar donation. Business is returning despite the lingering effects of the pandemic, and it is important for our local business community to support the new Center as a part of our responsibility and thankfulness.”

To make a donation, please access the Donate Button on our homepage or contact Cathy J. Sakas at [email protected]