Brown pelican

A large brown bird with brown legs. Breeding plumage includes a white head and a brown neck. The non-breeding adult’s head and neck are white. Immature birds have dark brown heads and white bellies.


Small mottled brown shorebird with a large dark bill that droops towards the tip. During breeding season, the dunlin has a black belly patch and rusty brown wings and back. Non-breeding birds have grey wings and back and a white belly.

Forester’s tern

A medium-sized tern with a grey back and a deeply forked tail. In the summer, the head has a black cap and the legs and bill are orange. In the winter, there is a black patch around the eye and the beak and legs are black. Immature has similar coloration to the winter adult.

Green heron

The green heron has a black crown with a dark green/blue back and wings and a rusty red neck. Its bill is dark and its legs are green/yellow. Immature birds have streaks on the neck, breast, and sides.