Herring gull

A medium to large gull with a white head and underbody. Its back is grey and wingtips are black with white spots. Bill is yellow with a distinct red mark on it. Juvenile birds are mottled brown.

Marbled godwit

Crow-sized bird that is brown all over with a speckled back and wings. Bill has a dark tip with a pinkish base. Breeding plumage includes a white stripe across the chest. Juveniles are similar to the non-breeding adult.


Ospreys have a dark brown back and a white belly. The head is white with a dark stripe across the eyes. Also has a black, hooked beak and sharp talons.


Usually grey with a whitish rump, two dark wing bars, and a dark head but many color variants exist. Walks with a distinctive head bob.

Ring-billed gull

A medium-sized gull with a white head and belly and a light grey back. Wingtips are black with white spots. Feet are yellow and bill is yellow with a black ring near the tip. Non-breeding adults have faint brown streaks on the head. Juveniles are a dappled brown.

Royal tern

A large tern with gray wings, dark wing tips, and forked tail. Orange bill, white forehead, and partial black cap. Some adults may have a full black cap during breeding season.


Starling-sized bird with a black bill and legs, white underbody, and a distinct white stripe on its wing seen in flight. Summer breeding adults have a brown and white pattern on their head, breast and back. Winter non-breeding adults’ pattern is replaced by a pale grey coloration.