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White Ibis

Eudocimus albus


Range/Geographical Distribution: Lives along the coast from North Carolina to Florida and Texas.

Habitat: Mudflats, marshes, lagoons, and swampy forests. 

Similar Species: Snowy egret, great egret, and wood stork. 

Description: Solid white bird with black tips on its wings. It has pink legs, face, and long, curved bill. Immature birds are mottled brown with a white belly. 

Size: Length: 22-27” Wingspan:  35-40“  Weight: 750-1050g

Food: Insects, crabs, and crayfish.

Breeding:  Lay three to four green/white spotted eggs in a nest of sticks in trees over water.   Nests in colonies.

Predators:  Large birds of prey.

Conservation Status: Listed as least concern by IUCN.

Interesting Facts: White ibis eat crabs and crayfish, which in turn eat large quantities of fish eggs. By keeping down the populations of crabs and crayfish, the birds help increase the fish population.

On the Coast: The white ibis population has been increasing in Georgia over the past 50 years. These birds can be seen inland during their seasonal migration but live along Georgia’s coastline year-round.

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