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Southern Redcedar

Juniperus silicicola


Range/Geographical Distribution: Along the coast from North Carolina to Texas.

Habitat: Usually within 30 miles of saltwater, in maritime forests. 

Description: A medium-sized evergreen tree with red, peeling bark and flat, fine, green needles. 

Size: Can reach 45 feet in height.

Breeding: Dioecious: male cones shed pollen January to February, female cones mature October to November. Produces grey/blue berry-like fruits that are covered in a wax-like coating.

Predators/Ecological Importance: Many animals eat the fruit and foliage as well as use this tree for protective and nesting cover.

Conservation Status: No legal status.

Interesting Facts: The wood from cedar trees is used for products such as pencils and furniture while the berries are used to flavor food and drink.  The redcedar is sometimes used as a Christmas tree and the fruits are also called juniper berries.

On the Coast: Southern redcedar can be found along Georgia’s coast growing near the water within maritime forests.

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