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Soda Straw Worm Casing

Kinbergonuphis jenneri

Range/Geographical Distribution: Southeastern United States.

Habitat: Intertidal sand flats.

Description: A gray, slim, flexible tube covered in sand that resembles a soda straw in appearance.  The worm that inhabits the tube is pink and has well developed jaws.

Size: The worm that makes these tubes can reach 28 inches in length.

Food: Unknown.

Breeding: Unknown.

Predators: Birds, crabs, and fish.

Conservation Status: No legal status.

Interesting Facts: Two other species of worms live with soda straw worms and use hydrogen sulfide oxidation as a source of energy.

On the Coast: Soda straw worm casings wash up on calm, protected parts of Georgia’s beaches, sometimes by the hundreds, and can look like trash along the water line.

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