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Pigeon (Rock Dove)

Columba livia

Range/Geographical Distribution: Worldwide.

Habitat: Urban areas, farmlands, and rocky cliffs. 

Similar Species:  None. 

Description:  Usually grey with a whitish rump, two dark wing bars, and a dark head but many color variants exist.  Walks with a distinctive head bob. 

Size: Length: 11-14” Wingspan:  50-67” Weight: 265-380g

Food: Seeds, fruits, and whatever they can scavenge from humans.

Breeding:  Lays up to three white eggs in a flimsy nest built of straw usually on a building.

Predators:  Larger birds of prey, snakes, dogs, and cats.

Conservation Status: The pigeon is listed as least concern by IUCN.

Interesting Facts:  The pigeon was introduced to North America from Europe in the early 1600s.  These birds have remarkable homing capabilities and were used to carry messages for the U.S. Army Signal Corps during WWI and WWII.

On the Coast:  Pigeons are common on the Georgia coast and are often seen in parking lots and other areas near human populations.

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