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Northern Searobin

Prionotus carolinus

Range/Geographical Distribution: From Nova Scotia south to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

Habitat: Bottom dweller in marine and brackish waters such as estuaries, bays, inlets, and along the coast. 

Description: Body mottled above and pale below.  Bony head and distinct black spot on first dorsal fin.  Three pelvic fin rays used to “walk” on the bottom and as sensory organs.  Pectoral fins are wing-like. 

Size: Up to 15 inches in length.

Food: Shrimp, crabs, other crustaceans, squid, bivalves, and small fish.

Breeding:  Spawns in spring and summer.  Females lay their eggs over sandy areas and the eggs hatch within three days.

Predators:  Larger predatory fishes. 

Conservation Status: No legal status.

Interesting Facts: The searobin can produce a drumming noise by vibrating the muscles around its swim bladder.

On the Coast: Northern searobins are commonly found along the Georgia coast and are eaten by humans.

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