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Northern Mockingbird

Mimus polyglottos

Range/Geographical Distribution: Throughout most of the United States and Mexico as well as parts of Canada.

Habitat: Suburban areas, farms, roadsides, and thickets. 

Similar Species:  Northern shrike. 

Description:  A robin-sized bird that is grey above and white below with distinctive white patches on wings and tail.  Juveniles are spotted below. 

Size: Length: 8-10” Wingspan:  12-14” Weight: 45-58g

Food: Mostly insects in the summer and fruit in the fall and winter.

Breeding:  Build stick nests in trees where they lay up to six pale blue and splotched eggs.

Predators:  Larger birds of prey, snakes, dogs, and cats.

Conservation Status:  The northern mockingbird is listed as least concern by IUCN but populations were low in the nineteenth century due to the pet trade.

Interesting Facts: Mockingbirds add new songs to their repertoire throughout their life and males may learn as many as 200 songs.

On the Coast:  The northern mockingbird is usually seen perched in a tree singing a series of unique songs.  Also found running and hopping along the ground, sometimes displaying the white patches on their wings.

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