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Marbled Godwit

Limosa fedoa


Range/Geographical Distribution: Breeds from Saskatchewan to Minnesota and winters south of Virginia and along the Gulf Coast.

Habitat: Plains, mudflats, and beaches. 

Similar Species: Willet. 

Description:  Crow-sized bird that is brown all over with a speckled back and wings. Bill has a dark tip with a pinkish base. Breeding plumage includes a white stripe across the chest. Juveniles are similar to the non-breeding adult.

Size: Length: 16-19” Wingspan: 28-35” Weight: 285-454g

Food: Insects and crustaceans.

Breeding: Breeds in the Great Plains. Nests on the ground in a dug out nest lined with grasses and lays four speckled olive eggs.

Predators:  Raccoons and skunks.

Conservation Status: Listed as least concern by IUCN. Population declined in the 1800’s but is now stable.

Interesting Facts: The marbled godwit is the fourth largest shorebird found in North America.

On the Coast: In the winter months, marbled godwits prefer the saltwater beaches and mud flats along the east coast. Marbled godwits can be seen along Georgia’s coast in the winter months.

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