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Fish Crow

Corvus ossifragus

Range/Geographical Distribution: Lives along the East coast from Massachusetts to south Florida, and along the Gulf Coast west to Texas.

Habitat:  Coastal low country including lakes, swamps, and rivers. 

Similar Species:  Boat-tailed grackle.

Description: Solid black bird with a black bill and legs. 

Size: Length: 14-16” Wingspan: 33” Weight: 195-330g

Food: Carrion, bird eggs, garbage, grain, and fruit.

Breeding:  Lays four or five green eggs with brown blotches in a nest of sticks in an evergreen or deciduous tree.

Predators: Large birds of prey. 

Conservation Status: Listed as least concern by IUCN.

Interesting Facts: The fish crow will break open hard mollusks’ shells by dropping the shells onto rocks from above.

On the Coast: The fish crow is primarily a bird of the coast, living up and down the Atlantic coast. However, the fish crow can be found inland in much of Georgia along rivers and streams. 

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