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Launching Addy’s Adventure

FOR RELEASE: 1/13/21

Tybee Island Marine Science Center launches Addy’s Adventure to help raise funds for exhibits at the new facility.

(Tybee Island, GA) – The Tybee Island Marine Science Center has launched a fun, interactive journey, Addy’s Adventure, to help fund the remaining exhibits needed for the Center’s new facility.

“As we enter the final phase of our capital campaign, we wanted to create more excitement and participation, and what better way than to spotlight Addy, our beloved sea turtle?” Cathy Sakas, president of the Tybee Island Marine Science Center’s Board of Trustees said. “Since Addy joined us as an animal ambassador in 2018, visitors from all over the world have fallen in love with her. Now we are featuring Addy and helping to get support for our capital campaign through Addy’s Adventure, a fun, interactive journey.”

Addy’s Adventure will begin at the Marine Science Center’s current location at the south end of Tybee and make her way to her new home at the north end on Meddin Drive. “We’re asking folks to help Addy on her journey to our new facility,” Sakas explained. “Addy has a total of 14,256 feet (2.7 miles) to travel. For every $10 donated, Addy moves one foot closer to her new home, and for every $100 donated, she will move 10 feet. Individuals donating $100 will receive a lovely oyster shell hand painted by local artist Erica Denney featuring Addy’s image.”

In July 2018, Addy and her siblings hatched on Tybee Island’s beach. Island visitors took Addy and five of her siblings to Admiral’s Inn, where the visitors were staying. While doing work in the visitors’ hotel room, the Admiral’s Inn housekeeping and maintenance staff found the hatchlings and contacted the Marine Science Center. Under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, it is. Unlawful to touch, impeded, harm or tamper with any sea turtle or their eggs.

The Marine Science Center’s staff brought Addy and her five siblings to the Center. After hydrating the siblings, the Center’s staff released them to the ocean. Since the Marine Science Center keeps a hatchling every two years to serve as an animal ambassador, Addy was the hatching they kept. She will remain at the Center until her release sometime in 2021.

About the Tybee Island Marine Science Center: Our mission is to cultivate a responsible stewardship of coastal Georgia’s natural resources through education, conservation, and research. For more information, please go to

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