2022 Sea Turtle Nesting Season Updates

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2022 Sea Turtle Nesting Season Updates

2022 Sea Turtle Nest Updates

As nests are identified this season, we will provide updates from the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project here.

Follow along and check back often for the latest information and nest counts.


May 18, 2022

We have our first sea turtle nest on Tybee! Our amazing volunteers Doug and Ruth found the nest this morning. The nest was right next to the high tide line, so per DNR protocol, our permitted and trained volunteers carefully moved the nest to a safer location. Nesting season is officially on!

2022 Sea Turtle Nest #1

May 21, 2022

Nest #2 is here! Thank you to volunteers Joy, Kim and Frank for their hard work in the early hours.

2022 Sea Turtle Nest #2


May 24, 2022

And we have nest #3, laid on World Turtle Day yesterday! Thank you to volunteers Jane and Allen for finding the nest. This mama laid the nest high up on the beach and was safe from high tides so it was left in place.

2022 Sea Turtle Nest #3


May 29, 2022

We’ve had a lot of activity on Tybee the last few days. Yesterday we had a false crawl (where mama comes up but decides not to nest) and another “possible nest.” What that means is, we see all the signs that she nested but we were unable to locate the nest. We actually had someone on the beach watching her–and did such a great job giving her space that she wasn’t scared and we believe she nested! Thank you to people who respect these endangered mamas and let them be so we can continue to have sea turtles on Tybee. We’ve marked the area and will keep an eye on it, just the same as if we had found the nest.

Today, we had nest 4! Thank you to volunteer Lara for finding it, and thank you to volunteers Kristin and Lynda (pictured) for finding the eggs and getting the nest roped off.

Please be reminded this holiday weekend that disturbing the marked off area is a crime as these turtles are federally protected. If you see anyone disturbing them, please report it immediately.

Lastly, remember to fill in all holes and knock down all sand castles. One of our volunteers yesterday saw someone digging a massive hole. It’s totally fine, just please be sure to fill it in when you leave.

2022 Sea Turtle Nest #4

June 2, 2022

We are excited to announce that nest #6 was found this morning! The nest had to be relocated to a higher and darker spot on the beach. Thank you to volunteers Lynda, Cheryl, Frank, Karen and Sally for responding.

2022 Sea Turtle Nest #6

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