Tybee Island experiences extreme tidal changes. As the high tide comes onto the shore, the dramatic contour of Georgia’s coastline forces the surge to rise. When this tidal surge slams ino the coast, it funnels inland, rising 7-11 feet. Tybee Island has semi-diurnal tides, with two high tides and two low tides, daily. The change occurs every six hours and is 50 minutes later each day. Flooding spring tides occur during the full and new moons, when the moon and sun align increasing their gravitational pull on the Earth’s seas. Tide charts give the daily times of the rise and fall of the tides, necessary for planning beach and boating trips.

Be aware of local advisories. Warning flags at lifeguard stations indicate dangerous conditions. Always use caution when swimming, and avoid high risk areas on the north and south ends of Tybee Island.

Always monitor the weather when planning outdoor recreational activities.