Groups – Island Ecology Experience Programs

We offer an authentic hands-on learning experience for church, family, civic, Elderhostel, and workplace groups.

Programs are offered year-round, rain or shine, and must be scheduled in advance.

To help you plan your program, we’ve included all our program information on this page.
Call us at 912-786-5917, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., We’ll help you put a program together.

1. First, choose a 60-minute program:


Beach Walk

Join an educator on a guided walk on Tybee’s beach to learn about coastal Georgia’s tides, dunes, and the wildlife that live in and around the ocean.


Jelly Jive

jellies are fascinating creatures. Learn about life-cycle, anatomy, adaptations, and economical roles-then observe moon jelly behavior and feeding.


Marsh Talk

Guided exploration of the jewels in Georgia’s salt marshes. Explore marsh mud for fiddler crabs. Learn why the estuary is called the ocean’s nursery.


Shark Jaw

Dive into the mysterious lives of sharks. Understand the adaptations that allow them to thrive. Innovative shark research and conservation is highlighted.


Turtle Talk

First, a primer on the sea turtle, then we’ll stroll on the beach to review nesting habitat, excavate a mock nest, and discuss our conservation efforts.


Whale Tale

Georgia’s coast is the calving grounds for the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Learn about the right whale and related threats/conservation efforts.

2. Next, choose a 30-minute beach activity:



Examine marine life of the intertidal zone by pulling a ten-foot seine net through waist-deep water to catch and discuss fish, crabs, and sea jellies.


Sand Sifting

We’ll identify and magnify marine invertebrates-such as mole crabs, coquina clams, amphipods, and isopods, that we sift from the wet sand on the beach.

3. Lastly, tour the Coastal Gallery:

Coastal-Georgia-GalleryCreatures featured are (mostly) native to Georgia’s coast. Meet Ike, our sea turtle. Stick your fingers in our Touch Tank and get a feel for live invertebrates.


Or if you’d rather get out on the water, choose one of our Floating Classrooms.



We’ll travel by boat through the salt marsh’s tidal creeks and rivers and; become immersed in the marsh to learn about it’s inhabitants and tidal river ecology.


Dolphin Discovery

Learn about the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin while pulling a trawl net. We’ll bring our catch aboard to examine fist, shrimp, squid, jellies, puffers and crabs.


Savannah River Expedition

Learn about the river’s environmental, historical, and economic aspects as well as the connection of the Savannah River and it’s associated marshlands.