Girl Scouts – Earn Your Coastal Georgia Badge!

We offer an authentic hands-on learning experience for your girls.

Our two-hour Coastal Georgia Badge Program for Daisies to Ambassador Girl Scouts are a blast.

Programs are offered year-round, rain or shine, and must be scheduled in advance.

To help you plan your program, we’ve included all our program information on this page. Additionally, you can get a copy of our Adult Leader Guide, Coastal Georgia Badge Requirements and Coastal GA Badge Order Form by clicking on these links, and if you call us at 912-786-5917, Monday through Friday, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Ryan and Brenda will help you put your program together.


Let’s build your program. First, select either the beach or marsh ecology walk:

Beach Ecology Walk

Girl Scouts-Beach Ecology Walks

Girl Scouts explore the dynamics of Georgia’s barrier islands on a guided beach walk along the shore of Tybee’s beach. The barrier islands along Georgia’s coast are introduced. The intertidal zone, the origin of sand, the forces behind the tides and waves, sand dune formation and its importance are explained along the walk. The effects of pollution and development on the ocean and shoreline will be examined. Various animals and plants are identified. Adaptations for survival on a barrier island are emphasized. The life cycle of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle is explained. Your girls may collect unoccupied shells during the Beach Ecology Walk. (1 hour)

Marsh Ecology Walk

Girl Scouts-Marsh Ecology Walks

Girl Scouts hike into one of the most productive habitats in the world–the salt marsh. They encounter fiddler crabs, examine salty grasses, observe soaring marsh birds, and hold periwinkle snails. Diamondback terrapins, a protected species and the only turtle that prefers to live in the marsh and estuary are a rare find. Learn about adaptations needed to survive in this unique environment. Your girls will discover how the salt marsh acts as a nursery for many organisms, a filter for pollutants, a sponge, and a food source. Be prepared for shoes to get wet and muddy. (1 hour)

Next, choose a sand sifting or seining activity:

Sand Sifting

Girl Scouts-Sand Sifting

Girl Scouts discover the marine life of the intertidal sandy bottom environment. Strainers are used to sift various organisms from the wet sand on the beach. Multiple invertebrates such as mole crabs, coquina clams, amphipods, and isopods are magnified and identified. Fun facts and important traits are discussed. Your girls will explore the intertidal food web and adaptations that allow for survival in shifting tides. If time and classroom space permits, a FlexCam session can further understanding by projecting an enlarged image onto a flat screen TV. (½ hour)



Girl Scouts discover marine life of the intertidal zone by using a method of fishing, seining. The girls will pull a ten-foot seine net through waist deep water to try to catch organisms, such as juvenile fish, crabs, and sea jellies. Various seining methods are used. Commonly caught organisms include juvenile pompano, silverside, mullet, kingfish/whiting, sea jellies, and various species of crab. After seining, we will examine the species caught. (½ hour)

Last, the guided gallery tour is a required component for the badge:

Girl Scouts-Gallery

Guided Gallery Tour

Our Coastal Georgia Gallery was designed and built by our staff marine science educators. Even many of the photographs you’ll see were taken by the staff.

Educators will lead the girls on a tour of the Coastal Georgia Gallery, which features species native to Georgia’s coast, a few invaders, and exotics from other oceans.

The girls will meet “Ike” our baby loggerhead sea turtle!

We will learn about the lives of many animals in the gallery including a lionfish, stingray, jellies, and baby alligators.

Your girls also get the chance to touch live marine invertebrates in the touch tank, including hermit crabs, snails, and spider crabs. The animals on display in the tank are identified by name on the monitors. The creature cutouts found below are other animals found off our coast. (½ hour)


Note: You must order your Coastal Georgia Badges directly from the Girl Scout First Headquarters and we’ve provided a link to the order form above, however, you can purchase our FUN PATCH, for $3.50, in our Discovery Shop.